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Consolidation centres

A logistics revolution for the construction site

Three CFE group projects have been realized with the support of a consolidation centre in 2020. The Aurea tower in Differdange, in the south-west of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, was the first to test its possibilities. The ZIN and Park West construction sites in Brussels were then able to benefit from this experience with the Brussels Construction Consolidation Centre (BCCC), an initiative supported by Innovaris, which is the outcome of a collaboration between the CSTC, the Confederation of Construction Industries, Shipit, the VUB (MOBI) and Urbantz. Consolidation centres are logistics platforms that allow the centralisation of material supplies in a single location. The shipments are optimized and deliveries are less frequent, which naturally reduces the carbon impact of the transport in question. In Brussels, it was even possible to use the waterways. Consolidation centres help reduce congestion and improve efficiency on the construction sites, where storage space is limited. The materials arrive on the construction site on a just-in-time basis, in accordance with the precise needs in line with the progress of the work. The average storage duration on the construction site can usually be up to three months. For the Aurea project, energy consumption has been halved in this way, as have CO2 emissions, and storage time has been reduced to 8 days. A future-oriented solution, especially for projects in urban areas where free space is often scarce.