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Green Jade

A pioneering vessel for offshore wind farms

The “Green Jade” is the first floating DP3 heavy-duty installation vessel to have been built in Taiwan. With a length of 216.5 metres, this new flagship of the DEME fleet, whose construction started in 2020, will feature an exceptional combination of high transport and high load-carrying capacity, coupled with impressive lift heights and green technologies. The vessel has a crane with a lifting capacity of 4,000 tonnes, and a DP3 capacity that will enable CDWE and its customers to transport a large number of turbines with a power of several megawatts, jackets and next-generation components in a single shipment, which makes it extremely cost-effective. It will be able to install these mega-monopile foundations and jackets at greater depths. Its DP3 technology enables the vessel to continue to operate in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to its dual-fuel engines, its Green Passport and Clean Design ratings, as well as its residual heat recovery system, which converts the heat from exhaust gases and the cooling water into electrical energy, the Green Jade fully embodies the ecological commitments of DEME.